Mountain Dulcimer Workshop and Concert
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Mountain Dulcimer Workshop and Concert

The mountain dulcimer was created by the Scots and Irish when they settled in the Appalachian region of the country in the late 1700s. It is a beautiful, soothing instrument and is incredibly easy to play. 

Learn to play the dulcimer at this “string side up” workshop given by local musician and singer/songwriter Carolyn Brodginski. Dulcimers provided for participants, and no musical experience is required. Stay for a concert afterwards to hear the many voices of this original American instrument.

At the age of 10, Carolyn received the gift of music from her grandfather Rocco.  A guitar. She quickly found chord charts and has been playing ever since. In 2012 she started playing the mountain dulcimer which lead to her work as a therapeutic musician in 2016. It didn't take long for people to take notice of her ability to play and teach the dulcimer, and in 2017 she began teaching at dulcimer and music festivals in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. Her 2018 open stage performance at Western Carolina University's Dulcimer U, earned her "Most likely To become a famous musician" by the university instructors.

An accomplished performer and singer/songwriter, her voice has been described as having the richness and power of Joan Baez and Natalie Merchant, and the rootsy soul of Jillian Welch and Iris Dement. Two of her original songs, "Sweet Song On The Mountains, touted as an anthem for the mountain dulcimer,  and  "Letting Go",  have been featured on the companion CD of Dulcimer Players News (DPN), a quarterly journal for dulcimer enthusiasts around the globe. Her essay about her work as a therapeutic musician, "Reflections of a Certified Music Practitioner", appeared in DPN, and ECHOS, a literary journal published by St. Francis Hospital.

When she's not playing healing music at the bedside for patients at St. Francis Hospital, or teaching workshops, Carolyn is performing with her band Seat Of Our Pants, contributing vocals, guitar, dulcimer, mandolin and ukulele to their Americana sound. ( She also runs two community sing programs, and the Connecticut Mountain Dulcimer Gathering.

A regular in the recording studio, Carolyn has production credits on 7 CDs.  3 with Seat Of Our Pants,  a solo CD of lullabies, "Little Hands", 2 benefit compilation CDs, and a relaxation CD created for St. Francis Hospital which included a soundtrack of her original dulcimer music.

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