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Products include vegetables, herbs, fruits, specialty greens and lettuces, root crops, and more. There are THREE share sizes for the SHARE CARD Program. It’s a convenient way to get farm fresh food, even if you can’t sign up for the whole season. The SHARE CARD allows holders to pick up when they want to, rather than every week on the farm. The card gets punched at pick up time until the number of weeks of shares has been taken. Select the number of weeks you want to participate and the size of your share.

  • SQUAT: 1 Dry Gallon = 1 person share

  • PECK: 2 Dry Gallons = 2 to 3 person share

  • HALF BUSHEL: 4 Dry Gallons = 4 to 5 person share

You can share shop on the farm, pick up at one of the markets we attend weekly, sign up for delivery service ($12 per week) and/or get your share pre-packed for you. Pick up and delivery options are available at the check out page (edit shipping). We deliver within a 45 minute radius of Colchester. If you’re unsure if you are within the range, contact us here.

Click HERE to view share costs by week to show you how truly affordable and how good for you and your family fresh, local produce can be.

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