Changes Over the Years for Common Ground CSA

Convenience SPEAKS THE LOUDEST in this crazy-busy, hectic life. So, how do we make it possible for our friends and neighbors to eat well so they can live well, too? We do everything in our power to make it easy!

ver the years, we've made changes on so many levels. We've set a precedent for the truly dedicated entrepreneurs by adapting over time to what we have control over and to what we don't. We have made great strides over the last 12 years to build a culture focused on the importance of local foods, local products, and a strong local economy. For optimists, this quote is just wonderful: "If you build it, they will come."  I've heard this line a million times and I support it's true meaning fully.  I've also learned that "If you make it easy, they'll keep coming." And that is just what we try to do each year.  Going back in time over the last 6 years, here are some of the changes we've made...

  • 2012: First, we offered different sized shares to accommodate different lifestyles and eating habits. Next, we offered a Shop for Your Share Program so everyone can choose what they wanted every week. We built an entire shopping area on the farm for this purpose! 
  • 2013: After that, we threw in a second shop-for-your-share day instead of just one.  We created the Add-On Share Program so our Shareholders could purchase more local food products beyond produce at fair prices!
  • 2014: We offered 3 flexible payment plans for our shareholders to join us on a budget and made handmade market bags that reflected our four share sizes to make shopping easier than hefting baskets. We also added cheeses and meats to our add-on offerings and added a WHOLE DIET FOOD SHARE to our program.
  • 2015:  We expanded our options for payment methods and offered Share Shopping at two farmers' markets where we set up shop every week. We further shaped our Whole Diet Food Share Program and offered year-round options to a handful of dedicated CSA members. We also offered DELIVERY TO YOUR DOORSTEP service!
  • 2016: And then we jumped off the wagon completely to offer Shop For Your Share Wherever We Are at farmers' markets on 6 days and in 7 locations every week! Our PYO ShareProgram expanded on the farm every week, too!
  • 2017: And now, better than ever, we are offering our first official SHARE CARDS so you can shop WHENEVER and WHEREVER you want with us!  That's right. You read it correctly. True convenience is finally here! 

And believe it or not, there are more planned changes on the horizon. With time, there is change. That is the one thing I have learned to count on. Please do browse through our website to learn more about our expansive offerings and find out how to sign up for this year's SHARE CARD.  

GET A SHARE CARD and GET ACCESS all season long WHEN AND WHERE IT WORKS FOR YOU. You won't be disappointed!

We thank you again for supporting our small family farm and helping to boost our local economy.  Every dollar is a vote and we appreciate when you spend it here at Cold Spring Farm.  Thank you for your dedication to our mission.

Until next time, be well, everyone!

Hilary Adorno