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You may have heard the term CSA and wondered what it stands for and how it works. CSA is an acronym for Community Support Agriculture, which is a  convenient way for people to buy fresh, local, seasonal food directly from farmers. Jess and Jeff of Cold Spring Farm established their CSA in 2012, combining their shared vision for a more sustainable future by providing a year-round options for healthy, seasonal produce and products. We hope you’ll join us this year, and renew your commitment each year, as we grow into the future together! Along with products we grow and produce on our farm, we work cooperatively with other local farmers to offer an incredibly diverse array of healthful options.

Here is an overview of how share costs compute on a weekly basis for each size we offer.


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CSA shareholders purchase food shares in advance of the growing season to help offset farmers’ initial costs. During each week of the growing season, shareholders shop for their shares anywhere we are! You can also pick up your pre-packed share on the farm any day of the week. We also offer Automatic Delivery or Delivery Upon Request Every Week!


Good news! You get to choose! You select and pack your own share. This gives you plenty of opportunties to try new things, as well as stick to the standards you know and love. You can do this at farmers’ markets where we have a booth, or at Cold Spring Farm (open 7 days a week - dawn till dusk). Click HERE to see the other markets we attend.


Depending on your needs, family size, eating habits and lifestyle, we offer 3 different sizes in old-school farm terminology.

  • SQUAT: 1 dry gallon = 1 person share
  • PECK: 2 dry gallons = 2 to 3 person share
  • HALF BUSHEL: 4 dry gallons = 4 to 5 person share


Our Share Card allows you to choose where and when to shop. We understand that family schedules are full with school, work, events, activities, and hopefully vacations! We want you to enjoy all of it and not worry about making it out to the farm to pick up your share. Now you can join us anytime! Sign up for 6, 12, 18, 24 and 48 weeks at a time with your Share Card.


There are a limited number of shares and they sell out quickly, so we encourage you to sign up below as soon as possible.


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