What Us Farmers Do In Winter

Many people ask us what we do in Winter when the hustle of growing season comes to an end. When we are spotted doing our errands around town, we are frequently asked how we are enjoying our vacation. I can assure you there is no true vacation for farmers, but Winter does allow for a small amount of downtime. That 'downtime' allows us to think more clearly so we can plan for the next growing season while we manage our livestock and do repairs on barns and buildings, cut firewood to keep our home and those of our neighbors' warm in the Winter months, and order seeds and supplies for the upcoming season.  There's also piles of paperwork for memberships and dues, tax preparation and accounting, hiring for the year, record keeping and analysis, marketing, updating websites, and all the other joyous work of managing a business. Oh yeah, and we also try to have a social life.

Hilary Adorno